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A place for us to share some handy tips and tricks we have figured out along the way, alongside features about new & exciting products and projects. Please contact us with any suggestions on what you'd like us to write about!

Case Study: Size-Changing Lightweight Display

April 03, 2018; 11:03 AM by David Eklund

Even when you have a lightweight 10-footer, sometimes it's still not small or lightweight enough — community fundraisers or fairs, for example. You want to harness the opportunity to have your name out there without sacrificing your professional look or accurate branding.

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How to Make Your Next Show Better: A Trade Show Checklist

January 31, 2018; 04:19 PM by David Eklund


With Exhibitor 2018 just around the corner, we have packing on the brain as we get ready for the show. Here's a quick way to make your next show a little easier: use a checklist!

Packing for a trade show can be hectic, and there's nothing worse than realizing you've left something important behind. Here are the top 10 things you absolutely MUST have:

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5 Top Tips for Proofreading your Trade Show Display

January 24, 2018; 04:55 PM by David Eklund


Over the years here at Tiger Presentations, we’ve learned one very important thing: nobody, not even in our own office, proofreads text enough.  (1/24/18 -- With new graphics and collateral to produce at the beginning of a new trade show season, now is a great time to read our favorite tips on proofreading.)

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The One-Step Plan to Save up to 77% on Shipping

January 11, 2018; 09:39 AM by David Eklund

80_575_401_mini_tigerlite_case.jpgOur "UPS-able" Mini Case

For years, in order to get parcel tracking you had to ship with UPS or FedEx. We even designed our Mini Case to be a "UPS-able" size to take advantage of that fact. In addition to giving them a strong corner on the market for many years, it's given them a hold on the minds of your average person. Because they did it first, we think they do it "best", or that they're the only companies doing it.

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4 Tips to Draw People from the Aisle into Your Booth - Breaking The Ice

January 04, 2018; 11:11 AM by David Eklund

Pulling trade show attendees out of the aisle and into your booth is the single most important thing your booth staff can do -- it's the reason your booth staff are the most important part of your investment. Look for people who are gregarious, outgoing, and unafraid of the occasional rejection!

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Tailoring Trade Show Displays for Short Attention Spans [Update]

December 13, 2017; 11:51 AM by David Eklund

We’re worse than goldfish.

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Sales vs. Marketing – How to make a trade show booth that works for both.

December 05, 2017; 01:51 PM by David Eklund

Sales and marketing departments have the same goal: sell product. They have different approaches to the sales process, though, so how do you balance your company’s marketing needs while keeping your sales staff happy?

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Trade Show Video Made Easy

November 17, 2017; 05:41 PM by David Eklund

Have you ever gotten to the trade show and had trouble playing your marketing video? Your TV doesn't have the right input, or the USB player doesn't work. Maybe you can play the video but it will not loop, meaning you are stuck pressing PLAY every 2 minutes. There's a better way, and it's "one-touch" easy.

Digital signage lets you turn on your presentation with just one button!

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6 Structural Tools to Stand Out On The Trade Show Floor

November 03, 2017; 04:43 PM by David Eklund

Your best weapon in the trade show floor arms race is to be different.  This general rule should have a hand on the steering wheel whenever you think about building a new display.  Today, we’ll talk about six structural tools you can leverage to stand out from the crowd.

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2 Steps to get rid of I&D charges -- for good!

October 19, 2017; 05:08 PM by David Eklund

When it comes to exhibiting, repeated costs will end up making a big dent in your budget. Today we're going to take on one of the Big 3 of repeated costs -- installation and dismantling.

Today's Tiger Talk was originally run in August of 2016. It remains as true today as it was then!

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