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Put Experiential Marketing into Your Exhibitor Strategy

May 20, 2019; 02:25 PM by David Eklund

Experiential marketing enables customers and prospects to engage with your brand through experiences. By providing opportunities for positive interaction, you can attract prospective customers, engage them in the brand, inform them about your offerings and ultimately convert their interest into sales.

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Sizing a trade show booth properly

May 13, 2019; 03:32 PM by David Eklund

A trade show booth can be a major sales investment for your company. When you have to maximize the value of your investment, how do you choose the right size and features for your booth? Sizing a trade show booth properly can make a major difference in the success of your trade show strategy. What factors should you consider when sizing a trade show both?

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Tiger Presentations’ Free Trade Show Booth Design Software

May 06, 2019; 03:17 PM by David Eklund

If you spend a lot of time at trade shows, chances are good that you can immediately list the shortcomings of your current trade show booth. In fact, every event might remind you of what you really want and need from your booth. Good news! Tiger Presentations has a solution — TigerLite, our free trade show booth design software. You can use it to design your own booth layout, features and graphics. There’s absolutely no obligation to buy, but if you like what you see, we can fabricate your dream design!

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Take advantage of trade show booth technology

April 30, 2019; 10:39 AM by David Eklund

Both of these monitors are touchscreens for interactive brochures!

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Try a trade show island rental at your next exhibition

April 22, 2019; 12:38 PM by David Eklund
Every display shown in this post was a rental!

You can stand out at your next trade show with a custom trade show island rental from Tiger Presentations. Our full-service graphics design team can create an eye-popping island display for virtually any size booth. Tiger Presentations’ designs maximize the use of vertical space, and help you stand out on a crowded trade show floor.

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4 Tips to Maximize Your Trade Show Results with Pre-Post-Show Engagement

April 16, 2019; 10:41 AM by David Eklund

When you’re heading to a trade show, engagement with your audience and your potential clientele is critical. There’s nothing worse than coming home from a show and thinking you didn’t get the results you wanted, but you can help prevent that by starting your outreach early and continuing it after the show.

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Don’t leave your big display behind-REPURPOSE it!

April 09, 2019; 12:49 PM by David Eklund


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Portable Changing Room? You Bet.

March 29, 2019; 04:52 PM by David Eklund

A prospective customer came to us with a problem: he needed a changing room in his 10-footer, while still having something big and bright to attract attention. Custom tailored suits are his business, and he needs to be able to take measurements on the show floor while providing privacy.

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Free Trade Show Display Design Software

March 18, 2019; 04:04 PM by David Eklund

When you’re looking to design a new display, or redesign and old one, it would be nice to see what your display will look like before you buy it, right? That’s why we created the TigerLite builder , a 3D design software that we provide to anyone designing a trade show booth, free of charge.

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Boy, are we GLAD we were wrong.

March 11, 2019; 11:34 AM by David Eklund
Get more business cards by hiring the right help!

As mentioned last week on Tiger Talk, two members of our show staff were unable to attend ExhibitorLive because of circumstances at home (that was half our crew!).

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