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Trade show overload? Here's how to cut back!

June 14, 2017; 02:18 PM by David Eklund


Trade shows have a lot of great benefits, from the influx of new leads to seeing the state of the industry andmeeting your clients in person. Unfortunately, they can be stressful, and  are also a really big investment, so finding the shows with the best results for you is important.

Trade Shows, Tips and Tricks

4 MORE Benefits of Going to a Trade Show

June 01, 2017; 10:18 AM by David Eklund

Last week, we took a look at some of the extra benefits you can get from going to a trade show. Keep on reading to see part 2!

Trade Shows, Tips and Tricks

4 Extra Benefits of Going to a Trade Show

May 25, 2017; 09:59 AM by David Eklund

As you plan to go to a trade show, it typically looks like a pretty simple calculation for whether it will be worth it — estimate the revenue you’ll get from leads obtained from the show, subtract the amount of money you’ll be spending to be at the show and find out if the result is positive.

Trade Shows, Tips and Tricks

Retail on the RUN!

May 11, 2017; 09:55 AM by David Eklund

Retailing on the go is a tough proposition — in the first post in this series we looked at how Tommy John addressed the problem. Today, we’ll look at a collection of portable retail designs for the nutrition and health giant GNC.

Trade Shows, Booth Design, Tips and Tricks

Case Study: Portable Step-and-Repeat for interview series

May 03, 2017; 12:00 PM by David Eklund

A customer recently came to us with a problem: their step-and-repeat was unusable. They travel from place to place conducting interviews with members of their organization, and like to have a branded backdrop for the video, but were left unable to use their current one for a number of reasons — most importantly that it was too easy to damage.

Tips and Tricks, Case Study

4 Top Sales Tips for New Exhibitors

April 26, 2017; 10:40 AM by David Eklund

As someone who’s comparatively new to the exhibiting field, it was was both surprising and informative to go to my first trade show as an exhibitor back in March. There were a number of things I thought I knew and was only partly right about, and a number of things I learned fresh while in Las Vegas. Here’s some of what I learned.

Trade Shows, Tips and Tricks

4 Things We Learned From Exhibitor 2017

April 03, 2017; 09:43 AM by David Eklund

As a group of people who are hoping to help you make exhibiting easier and less stressful every day, one of the most important things we can do is to share our new experiences when we have them. Despite selling trade show displays every day, we only get onto the show floor ourselves every few months.

Insider, Tips and Tricks

What is Your Trade Show Display Really Costing You? [Update]

March 29, 2017; 09:38 PM by David Eklund


Sometimes ownership costs, even for a goldfish, can greatly outweigh the initial investment. When purchasing an exhibit, it’s important to factor in all of the operating costs, because these will occur every time you attend a tradeshow.  These costs will add up as time passes, eating a large chunk of your budget. Beware these three hidden expenses, and see how investing in a TigerLite booth can help you reduce them.

Trade Shows, Our Articles, Tips and Tricks

5 Questions You Didn't Know to Ask When Shopping for a Trade Show Display

March 23, 2017; 09:30 AM by David Eklund

Two weeks ago, we addressed the top three questions we receive when speaking with prospective clients. This week we're going to talk about the 5 questions you should be asking when buying a display – the questions you didn't even know were important, but could make a big difference in terms of usability or price.

Trade Shows, Our Articles, Tips and Tricks

The 3 Most Important Questions When Shopping for a Trade Show Display

March 08, 2017; 03:42 PM by David Eklund


Trade Shows, Our Articles, Tips and Tricks

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