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A place for us to share some handy tips and tricks we have figured out along the way, alongside features about new & exciting products and projects. Please contact us with any suggestions on what you'd like us to write about!

Fitting Big Tech on a Small Display

January 18, 2019; 12:47 PM by David Eklund

As technology takes a central place in more trade show displays, designing around it becomes more important — and more difficult.

Trade Shows, Booth Design, Tips and Tricks

Step Up Your Monitor Stand with Custom Branding

December 14, 2018; 12:28 PM by David Eklund
A TigerLite Totem, shown with optional Universal Desk. Monitor is 45" diagonal

Adding monitors to trade show displays is a standard part of the industry — nearly everyone wants to have one, and every trade show display manufacturer has a solution.

Booth Design, Trade Shows, Tips and Tricks

Large or Small, We've Got You Covered!

November 29, 2018; 04:29 PM by David Eklund

The TigerLink is a great option for job fairs and recruiting events — bring a whole wall of graphics with you, right in the back of your car. The only problem with that idea has been that some recruiting shows/job fairs are table-top shows, but it won’t be a problem for long!

Product Introduction, Our Articles, Trade Shows, Booth Design

High-Strength Trade Show Shelving

November 09, 2018; 11:17 AM by David Eklund

Shelving is an ever-present part of the trade show industry. If you’re not trying to sell directly to your attendees, then you’re showing of your products or swag offerings!

Tips and Tricks, Booth Design, Case Study, Shelving, Shelves, Shelf

The Key to a Less Stressful Trade Show: A Trade Show Checklist!

November 02, 2018; 12:03 PM by David Eklund

Trade show season is here! With all the hustle and bustle, it's easy to forget something critical on 

your way to the trade show. That's why we've put together this trade show packing list – fewer forgotten things means an easier, less stressful experience.

Some of them you've probably thought of, but we think we've put a few items in there which you might forget otherwise -- especially if you haven't had a lot of experience in the trade show world.

Tips and Tricks, Our Articles, Trade Shows

Custom Recruiting Displays on a Budget

October 26, 2018; 12:22 PM by David Eklund

If you ever attend recruiting shows, you know that using your normal trade show graphics is not really the right fit — attendees want to know about benefits, time off, and growth opportunities more than they want to learn about the company itself.

Booth Design, Trade Shows, Tips and Tricks

Portable Doesn't Have to Mean Boring!

October 10, 2018; 04:28 PM by David Eklund

Saying “I use a portable” used to be the same thing as saying “my display is boring”. Tiger’s goal over the past few years has been to erase that stigma, and bring new life to the portable category through the TigerLink.

Product Introduction, Tips and Tricks, Trade Shows

4 Booth Spaces, and What You Need To Know About Them

October 03, 2018; 11:23 AM by David Eklund

If you're experienced in exhibiting, then the terms “Linear” and "Peninsula" are old hat for you. If you're new to the trade show world, or new to US trade shows, they can be confusing.

Tips and Tricks, Booth Design, Trade Shows

Finding Your Way: Beacon Toppers as Directional Signage

September 21, 2018; 10:58 AM by David Eklund

We recently unveiled our new Beacon Toppers and we’ve been cranking out new ideas of how to use them. Our favorite, so far, is using them as signs for wayfinding!

Tips and Tricks, Booth Design, Trade Shows

Poll: Would you like a custom setup video?

September 14, 2018; 10:29 AM by David Eklund

If you head a team of people who go to trade shows, you’ve probably found there can be trouble when you ask them to setup the display themselves. Their resistance often centers around one premise: we don’t know how to use it.

Tips and Tricks, Booth Design, Trade Shows

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