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A place for us to share some handy tips and tricks we have figured out along the way, alongside features about new & exciting products and projects. Please contact us with any suggestions on what you'd like us to write about!

What We Learned at Exhibitor 2019

March 05, 2019; 11:41 AM by David Eklund

Our ExhibitorLive 2019 display

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Bright and Bold!

February 25, 2019; 11:14 AM by David Eklund

Tiger Presentations is at ExhibitorLive 2019 this week, at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Come visit us at Booth 1752 to see our new innovations for 2019!

Trade Shows, Booth Design, Product Introduction

LED Lighting: Extra Punch, Extra Impact

February 20, 2019; 11:43 AM by David Eklund

LED lighting has taken over the trade show industry over the last few years, and with good reason. LEDs are bright, energy efficient, and tough.

Update: February 20, 2019: We'll be at ExhibitorLive 2019 next week, and we have some major improvements to our backlit displays that we are so excited to show you. If you're going to be at Exhibitor, be sure to stop by Booth #1752 to see Tiger Presentations and the exciting updates we have for this year!

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Save Drayage and Add Features With Multi-Use Casing

February 07, 2019; 12:56 PM by David Eklund

Heading to a show soon? Are you going to have everything you need in one package? Drayage rates rely on the weight/size of your items and on how many pieces you have! One of the easiest ways to reduce the your handling fees on the show floor is to combine your smaller items into one larger shipping case. Brochures, giveaways, and display accessories should all be contained in order to reduce your material handling costs.

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Bumping up to 20-Foot Trade Show Displays

February 01, 2019; 12:00 PM by David Eklund

Bumping up from a 10- to 20-foot trade show display can be make a big difference:

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Don't Be That Guy – Be THIS Guy!

January 24, 2019; 01:31 PM by David Eklund

For years, people have tried to make a budget 10-foot display by plopping 3 banner stands next to one another and saying it was a graphic wall. Don’t be that guy! There’s a better way! If you want easy-to-handle, individual banners, the TigerLink gives you the option to use individual units or create a seamless graphic wall.

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Fitting Big Tech on a Small Display

January 18, 2019; 12:47 PM by David Eklund

As technology takes a central place in more trade show displays, designing around it becomes more important — and more difficult.

Trade Shows, Booth Design, Tips and Tricks

Step Up Your Monitor Stand with Custom Branding

December 14, 2018; 12:28 PM by David Eklund
A TigerLite Totem, shown with optional Universal Desk. Monitor is 45" diagonal

Adding monitors to trade show displays is a standard part of the industry — nearly everyone wants to have one, and every trade show display manufacturer has a solution.

Trade Shows, Booth Design, Tips and Tricks

Large or Small, We've Got You Covered!

November 29, 2018; 04:29 PM by David Eklund

The TigerLink is a great option for job fairs and recruiting events — bring a whole wall of graphics with you, right in the back of your car. The only problem with that idea has been that some recruiting shows/job fairs are table-top shows, but it won’t be a problem for long!

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High-Strength Trade Show Shelving

November 09, 2018; 11:17 AM by David Eklund

Shelving is an ever-present part of the trade show industry. If you’re not trying to sell directly to your attendees, then you’re showing of your products or swag offerings!

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