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Preparing for Product Shortages in the Trade Show Industry

February 24, 2021; 02:12 PM by Eric Miller

Coming out of the pandemic, be prepared for orders to take longer for there to be backorders where they never were before (and I am not just talking about toilet paper!)

Trade Shows, Booth Design, Tips and Tricks, Trade Show ROI, COVID-19

What's your plan? Coming Back to Trade Shows

February 18, 2021; 02:30 PM by Eric Miller

On February 24, 2020, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was set to take place. On February 12, less than two weeks before the event was set to start, MWC became the first major trade show to cancel due to COVID-19 concerns.

Trade Shows, Booth Design, Tips and Tricks, Trade Show ROI, Lightbox, COVID-19

Double Sided Tension Fabric Zoom Backgrounds

February 11, 2021; 02:39 PM by Eric Miller

Over the last several months, we have seen an increase in people wanting office backdrops for their Zoom calls, webcasts, etc. In fact my wife just got one! Not from me, but that is another story! Turns out, it wasn’t the right solution. Read on to learn why.

Productivity, Trade Shows, COVID-19

Are you the same company you were before COVID?

January 19, 2021; 10:57 AM by Eric Miller

As we all get back to exhibiting at shows, you might want to review your branding. Have your product or service offerings changed? Do you have new ways of working with your customers? What’s new since your last show?

Trade Shows, Booth Design, COVID-19, Health and Safety

Are You Still In Business?

January 13, 2021; 03:45 PM by Eric Miller

TigerBrite, shown here with an optional floating monitor.

Trade Shows, Product Introduction, Trade Show Booth Technology, Recruiting Displays, Lightbox, COVID-19

Does your trade show lightbox offer these 11 critical features?

December 01, 2020; 03:09 PM by Eric Miller

I know that tradeshows seem so far away, but one day they will not, and it is never to early to start thinking about your next move and how you will out maneuver your competition. Light boxes are one way you can grab attention away from your competitors. But not all lightboxes are created equally. 

Trade Shows, Booth Design, Technology, Trade Show Booth Technology, Trade Show ROI, Lightbox

When you are out hunting for clients. Let the Brite Force be with you!

November 24, 2020; 03:02 PM by Eric Miller

Lightboxes will help you get your customers attention at what ever selling environment you find yourself in. Till tradeshows open up again, this could be private road shows, small regional events. In any case, deploying the power of a lightbox will help communicate your product and service. Check out, TigerBrite,  our no tools requird  assembly, portable but high impact lightboxes. 

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Buying a sanitizing station? Read this first.

November 12, 2020; 02:52 PM by Eric Miller

Nine months ago, you probably didn’t need or want a sanitizing station. Today, you can’t operate your business without one. But not all sanitizing dispensers are created equal. Here are a few things to consider before you purchase a sanitizing dispenser for your business.

COVID-19, Health and Safety, sanitation station

It is over. What is next?

November 10, 2020; 02:49 PM by Eric Miller

The election is over, but Covid is still here and never again will a flu season not get the attention it deserves.

When people feel sick, they will stay home from work. No more runny nose, coughing colleagues in the office making everyone sick. We have all figure that out. But how do we make people feel safe at work? And pay for it ? 

COVID-19, Health and Safety, sanitation station

Your Show Can't Happen, But You Have A Budget — Support Your Business!

September 09, 2020; 02:19 PM by Eric Miller

Just like the individual people who have experienced complete upheaval during this turbulent COVID-19 period, businesses have experienced equally large changes, from outright closures, to furloughs and other work stoppages.

COVID-19, Health and Safety, sanitation station

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