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Bright Displays for Every Situation

March 12, 2020; 12:36 PM by Eric Miller

We've been hard at work on our new TigerBrite system – improving it every day and finding new, interesting layouts and accessories for the system. Take a look at some of our most recent examples!

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Does your trade show lightbox offer these 11 critical features?

February 20, 2020; 10:28 AM by Eric Miller

If you spend time at tradeshows and events, you know that many of your competitors are now using tradeshow lightboxes to attract visitors to displays and booths.

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Minimize your shipping costs with trade show freight services

February 13, 2020; 10:46 AM by Eric Miller

Shipping a trade show booth can be a shipping nightmare. Trade show booths can be large — even when they’re in their shipping cases. In addition, other elements of the booth — electronics, booth furniture, lights, etc., — can significantly add to the cost of shipping. Using trade show freight services may provide better, faster delivery at a lower cost. It also adds a level of convenience you’re not likely to get when you use a courier service.

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5 Tips to Make Trade Show Season Easier

February 06, 2020; 11:05 AM by Eric Miller

For many companies, trade show marketing is part of their larger strategy to attract and retain customers. If you plan to reach clients and prospects at trade shows, here are five ways to make trade show season easier on yourself and your prospects.

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2 Cheap, Easy Ways to Improve Results at your Trade Show (Update)

January 17, 2020; 11:01 AM by Eric Miller

January 2020 – Welcome back to trade show season! CES has come and gone, and that means the busiest part of the year is here. As with every year, we like to refresh your memory on some favorite previous topics as the new year begins.

Usually on TigerTalk we focus on what you can do to improve your ROI on the trade show investment by adjusting your structure. That type of improvement is important (and should be on your list of things to do!) but physical improvements cost money and require planning ahead — sometimes months in advance if you are planning major changes to your display. Here are 2 things you can and should do before every show that can provide great results only cost you a little bit of time.

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Retail Trade Shows: Can Retail Compete with Direct-to-Consumer?

January 10, 2020; 12:07 PM by Eric Miller

It’s not hard to see the signs of stress in the retail industry. Some of the nation’s largest retail brands – like Sears, Kmart, Toys R Us, Payless Shoe Source and Walgreens – are closing stores and exiting the business. In 2017, retailers abandoned a record 102 million square feet of retail space. In 2018, retailers reset that record by vacating another 155 million square feet. In 2019, major retailers have announced that they will close nearly 10,000 stores. Direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales are largely the cause, but what is the impact of this trend on retail trade shows?

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Trade Show Technology Can Help You Engage Visitors

December 19, 2019; 01:34 PM by Eric Miller

Trade shows are all about making connections with people. Many exhibitors are using trade show technology to bridge the distance between themselves and attendees. But which technologies work the best and how can exhibitors use technology to bring people into their exhibits?

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Trade Show ROI: There Are Many Ways To Measure Success

December 12, 2019; 09:58 AM by David Eklund

The question always comes up – especially at budget time: what is the return on an investment in a trade show? How can you measure trade show ROI? Trade shows produce undeniable value for both attendees and vendors, but how can you hang a number on it?

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Bright, Lightweight, and Portable: TigerBrite

December 05, 2019; 12:09 PM by David Eklund

It’s been a few months since we first introduced you to the TigerBrite system, and the official release is finally coming! Here’s a little refresher on the product, and some early customer reactions, too!

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Trade shows and the amazing power of “new”

November 13, 2019; 04:57 PM by David Eklund

When you ask trade show attendees why they have come to any particular show, the answer almost invariably revolves around “new.” 92% of people attend trade shows to see or learn about new products. Most exhibitors (88%) participate in trade shows to raise brand awareness among potential customers.

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