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Just how much sanitizer do you need per dose?

August 05, 2020; 03:41 PM by Eric Miller

COVID-19, Health and Safety, sanitation station

4 Ounce Sanitizer Bottles for Care Packages and Welcome Back Bags

July 31, 2020; 09:00 AM by Eric Miller

Whether they are for your employees, your students, or visitors to your store, personal bottles of sanitizer are a great way to show you are thinking about safety and accountability as the world begins to reopen.

COVID-19, Health and Safety, sanitation station

The Bad Economics of Cartridge-based Sanitizer Dispensers

July 16, 2020; 10:57 AM by Eric Miller

Many have asked why choose a refillable dispenser versus a cartridge/pouch based dispenser. Here are our thoughts.

Pros of Cartridge-style dispensers:

  1. Cartridges or pouches are pre filled making it easier to carry around. Generally they are around 40 ounces versus a gallon jug of 128 ounces .
  2. Potentially less mess when you refill the dispenser
  3. Inventory management, you know how many cartridges you have so you can easily determine how many dispensers you can refill.

Pros of refillable/tank-style dispensers:

  1. One container of liquid can fill many different dispenser units.
  2. You can top off a unit as you do your rounds. This reduces the risk of the dispenser running out.
  3. With cartridges, you need to monitor more often because you don’t want to throw away a small amount of liquid when it is low but not empty.
  4. You don’t have the potential of throwing away valuable liquid in the pouches/cartridge because the cartridge is low and you don’t want to have the dispenser run out.

But probably the two most important reason to buy a refillable dispenser are:

  • You can buy sanitizer in gallon containers for 50% less per ounce of than the cost per ounce of the liquid in a cartridges. ( this calculation assume a gallon of liquid at $50 and a 1200ml pouch at $23.50)
  • There are many sources of sanitizer liquid and you are not tied to one supplier and their proprietary refills!

Tiger Presentations is your source for trade show, portable marketing, and sanitation station resources! We’re working hard to bring you all the support you need to open your businesses and resume your events safely, while providing ample peace of mind.

COVID-19, Health and Safety, sanitation station

Tiger PAWS Travel – A Sanitation Station to Take With You

June 24, 2020; 05:12 PM by Eric Miller

Everything is portable if you try hard enough — but we wanted to design something you could actually travel with — to the trade show, to the job fair, and then back to the office. That’s why PAWS Travel, the sixth product in our growing line of sanitation stations, was designed to be as trade show friendly as possible!

Trade Shows, Product Introduction, COVID-19, Health and Safety, sanitation station

Buying a sanitizing station? Read this first.

June 18, 2020; 10:09 AM by Eric Miller

Six months ago, you probably didn’t need or want a sanitizing station. Today, you can’t operate your business without one. But not all sanitizing dispensers are created equal. Here are a few things to consider before you purchase a sanitizing dispenser for your business.

COVID-19, Health and Safety, sanitation station

Back In Stock -- Sanitizer, Dispensers, and Sanitation Stations!

June 05, 2020; 10:30 AM by Eric Miller

Due to your tremendous support over the past few weeks, we've struggled to keep supplies in stock for our PAWS sanitation station line of products. For that support, we thank you! However, we're glad to announce that our entire product line is now available once again!

Product Introduction, COVID-19, Health and Safety, sanitation station

NOW AVAILABLE – Hand Sanitizer, 1 gal

May 15, 2020; 09:45 AM by Eric Miller


Tips and Tricks, COVID-19, Health and Safety

Tiger PAWS – Sanitation Stations

May 08, 2020; 09:30 AM by Eric Miller

Welcome back to TigerTalk! We’ve been on a little bit of a hiatus as we adjust to the extraordinary circumstances in which we find ourselves. We’re here to help you as you and your business return to “normal”.

Tips and Tricks, Product Introduction, COVID-19, Health and Safety

Bright Displays for Every Situation

March 12, 2020; 12:36 PM by Eric Miller

We've been hard at work on our new TigerBrite system – improving it every day and finding new, interesting layouts and accessories for the system. Take a look at some of our most recent examples!

Trade Shows, Our Articles, Case Study, Lightbox

Does your trade show lightbox offer these 11 critical features?

February 20, 2020; 10:28 AM by Eric Miller

If you spend time at tradeshows and events, you know that many of your competitors are now using tradeshow lightboxes to attract visitors to displays and booths.

Trade Shows, Booth Design, Technology, Trade Show Booth Technology, Trade Show ROI, Lightbox

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