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A place for us to share some handy tips and tricks we have figured out along the way, alongside features about new & exciting products and projects. Please contact us with any suggestions on what you'd like us to write about!

Revamp, add Curves – Recent Projects

September 04, 2019; 01:37 PM by David Eklund

From time to time, we like to show you some of the projects we’re producing as they come through our setup area.

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4 Steps to get rid of I&D charges -- for good!

August 09, 2019; 11:48 AM by David Eklund

When it comes to exhibiting, repeated costs will end up making a big dent in your budget. Today we're going to take on one of the Big 3 of repeated costs -- installation and dismantling.

Today's Tiger Talk originally ran in August of 2016. It remains as true today as it was then, and we've added some updates to keep it fresh!

Trade Shows, Booth Design, Tips and Tricks, Islands

Trade Show Display Inspiration Heading into 2020

August 01, 2019; 09:10 AM by David Eklund

As we come back to the beginning of trade show season, we wanted to pass on some recent projects to inspire you. While we continue to move forward on production of TigerBrite (more news coming soon!), we wanted so give you a variety of looks for your next trade show display.

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Recruiting with a Portable Light Box

July 25, 2019; 10:15 AM by David Eklund

Do you rely on career fairs to find your next great candidate? It’s a great way to hire since you get to interact personally with the applicant right from the get-go. In a vibrant economy, winning the attention of great candidates is crucial.

Product Introduction, Recruiting, Recruiting Displays, Recruit

Maximize the return on your recruiting booth

June 25, 2019; 10:40 AM by David Eklund

According to a 2016 study by the Society of Human Resource Managers, businesses with internal recruiters spend more than $4,000 to recruit each new employee. That cost quadruples per placement when a company uses an outside recruiting firm. Being able to maximize your investment on recruiting is important not only because it pays significant dividends, but also because it helps improve your return on your recruiting and hiring investments. Your recruiting booth is often a new employee’s first contact with your organization. Here’s how to use your booth to maximum advantage.

Booth Design, Our Articles, Recruiting, Recruiting Displays, Recruit

What was the ROI of your recent trade show investments?

June 17, 2019; 07:19 AM by David Eklund

Trade show investments can represent an enormous expense for an exhibitor. When trade show investments are part of your sales strategy, you need to know how well they perform for you. Did a particular trade show provide a good return on your investment? What can you do to increase the value of each trade show you attend?

Trade Shows, Booth Design, Insider, Tips and Tricks

Experiential marketing for service companies

June 11, 2019; 10:44 AM by David Eklund

An interactive touchscreen brochure on a client's display

Trade Shows, Booth Design, Tips and Tricks, Trade Show Booth Technology, Experiential Marketing, Trade Show Games

Trade show booth rental can boost your results

June 03, 2019; 02:32 PM by David Eklund

When you depend on trade shows and exhibitions for sales lead generation, your booth strategy has to work. On one hand, buying a booth means that you can amortize the booth cost over many shows. It also limits your flexibility in some cases. Trade show booth rental can help you customize your booth for special shows. It can also help you increase the return on your booth investment and keep your presentation space fresh. Let’s take a look at situations where trade show booth rental makes sense.

Booth Design, Tips and Tricks, Islands, Rentals

Low-tech ways to upgrade your trade show booth experience

May 28, 2019; 04:53 PM by David Eklund

Today’s prospects want to experience your brand in new and creative ways. You can incorporate unique, engaging experiences into your trade show booth that allow you to attract and engage your visitors. Upgrading your trade show booth experience doesn’t have to cost a fortune, though.

Booth Design, Technology, Trade Show Booth Technology, Experiential Marketing, Trade Show Games, Games

Put Experiential Marketing into Your Exhibitor Strategy

May 20, 2019; 02:25 PM by David Eklund

Experiential marketing enables customers and prospects to engage with your brand through experiences. By providing opportunities for positive interaction, you can attract prospective customers, engage them in the brand, inform them about your offerings and ultimately convert their interest into sales.

Trade Shows, Booth Design, Technology, Trade Show Booth Technology, Experiential Marketing

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