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How to Turn a Boring Conference Room into a Custom Branded Space

December 07, 2016; 04:58 PM by David Eklund

How do you turn a boring hotel conference room into a custom space? Bring your own decorations! In this case, 44 feet of graphics really set the stage for T. Rowe Price!

We keep learning new things about the TigerLink. While we always knew the TigerLink was the easiest way to make a seamless graphic wall, we now have have a great demonstration of the kind of large structures we haven't been able to display before.

TRowePrice-TigerLink 3.jpg

This 44-foot wall is made up of 16 TigerLink units, and shows the expandability of the TigerLink system. From 2 Links to 16 Links and beyond, huge seamless graphics are a genuine possibility now! Thanks to T. Rowe Price for providing the images.

TRowePrice-TigerLink 2.jpg

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