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Reinventing the Monitor Stand: Functional, Multi-Use Tools

October 28, 2016; 11:11 AM by David Eklund

For years, TVs and computer monitors have been standard fare at trade shows.  As our screens have gotten thinner and lighter, vendors across the industry have been able to create smaller and less intrusive mounting systems for monitors of ever-increasing size.


Aflac features one of our original large monitor systems for our TigerLite displays

Two general systems exist for monitor stands -- mounting the monitor to the display itself, or setting up an separate piece of hardware to hold the screen. There are advantages and disadvantages to each:

  1. Monitors mounted on displays save room, and usually save on shipping and handling costs. By not sending along a large separate piece of hardware, you also save floor space in your booth. However, display mounted screens are usually limited in terms of size or weight that can be used safely, which can be make-or-break for some users.

  2. Floor stands for monitors have their advantages too -- capable of holding large and heavy screens, while still feeling safe. However, they're frequently unattractive, complicated to setup, and occupy precious floor space in your booth. Furthermore, there can be additional costs associated with shipping, handling, and setting up floor stands.

What if you didn't have to waste shipping costs, but could still use large screen TVs? What if your monitor stand didn't have to be just a monitor stand?


Everything you see here, including the monitor, fits inside the counter -- and ships safely!

That's what we envisioned as we designed our new Tiger Monitor Stand. We think your Monitor Stand can and should be a multitool -- shipping case, branded desk, and monitor stand in one. 

Ektron Monitor Stand 34.jpg

By mounting your monitor directly to the shipping case, you gain the benefits from both of the prior systems -- large screens, stable bases, useful design, and no additional costs for shipping and drayage. Setup is simple, too -- four thumbscrews is all it takes to get your monitor standing upright, all under 5 minutes.

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