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The One-Step Plan to Save up to 77% on Shipping

November 21, 2016; 04:05 PM by David Eklund

80_575_401_mini_tigerlite_case.jpgOur "UPS-able" Mini Case

For years, in order to get parcel tracking you had to ship with UPS or FedEx. We even designed our Mini Case to be a "UPS-able" size to take advantage of that fact. In addition to giving them a strong corner on the market for many years, it's given them a hold on the minds of your average person. Because they did it first, we think they do it "best", or that they're the only companies doing it.

Really, though, the majority of parcel and freight companies are using tracking technology now, and the freight companies can move your large items at a fraction of the price.

For this discussion, we got quotes for one of our Mini Cases (37" x 21" x 41"), with 150 lbs for UPS and FedEx, which is their maximum, and 175 lbs for freight, which is a slightly more common weight for displays in that case. All shipping was calculated from our office outside Boston.

Orange Cells Indicate Lowest Price per Row

Address: UPS Ground FedEx Saver Freight Economy
Milan, IL 61264 $185.79 $431.69 $194.50
Wayne, NJ 07470 $173.69 $283.26 $150.00
San Jose, CA 95131 $218.04 $700.25 $194.50

UPS fares well in the "economy" test, going nearly punch-for-punch with freight

Address: UPS 2 Day FedEx 2 Day Freight 2 Day
Milan, IL 6126464 $589.37 $543.00 $224.50
Wayne, NJ 074707470 No Data $295.63 $150.00
San Jose, CA 9513195131 $1,006.70 $919.27 $224.50

The advantages of shipping by freight become apparent, with 2-day shipping to California costing more than 4-times more by UPS. That's a 77.7% savings with freight!

Address: UPS Overnight FedEx Overnight Freight Overnight
Milan, IL 61264 $1,176.43 $1,050.10 $424.50
Wayne, NJ 07470 $491.59 $421.08 $250.00
San Jose, CA 95131 $1,366.12 $1,191.45 $472.50

The savings are clear here -- the major parcel services will charge between 2- and 3-times as much for overnight service, and won't accomodate the same weight.

While you might think the added convenience of parcel tracking is worth using FedEx and UPS, you might just be fooling yourself. They are no longer the only players in the tracking game, and they certainly can't compete with freight companies on price. Think twice before using the big names to ship your display!

If you're not familiar with freight companies in your area, ask your exhibit provider who they would recommend, or contact us with your questions -- we're always happy to help.

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